How To Use Instagram Stories to Drive Web Leads

How To Use Instagram Stories to Drive Web Leads

Many businesses want to drive leads to their websites. If this is you, Instagram Stories is a strategy to consider.

Instagram Stories allows users to post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. Introduced in 2016 to rival the Snapchat app where content disappears after 24 hours.

The Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed, and all Instagram accounts are allowed to share their stories. When there is something new to see, your followers will see a colorful ring around your profile photo.

To view the new story, users tap on your profile photo The story appears full-screen, displaying all the content you’ve posted within the last 24 hours. The posts appear in chronological order with most recent posts shown at the top.

Why Use Instagram Stories to Generate Leads?

A large number of businesses are already using the feature for marketing purposes.