Little Red Book: The Perfect Platform to Engage More Chinese Customers

Little Red Book: The Perfect Platform to Engage More Chinese Customers

XiaoHongShu (小红书), which literally translates as “Little Red Book” is a billion-dollar startup and one of the top and booming Chinese social media apps. It was registered in 2014 and within a short period of time became extremely popular among Chinese females that rapidly created lots of the top trending topics on Weibo attracting over 22 million viewers and it had generated 24,000 comments.

Xiaohongshu Litterelay little Red Book its name bears no relation to the famous book of Mao Zedong, it means works by letting its Hot-Popular (Red) girls post Popular (Red)  pictures of their Hot (Red) products/Brands.

Nowadays this app has already more than 60 million registered users and half-year sales of 700 million yuan (around USD109 million) as of the end of September.  Little Red Book has already attracted the attention of both Chinese and foreign investors. It is predicted that the app will continue to grow rapidly.