What Your Brand Needs to Know About IGTV

What Your Brand Needs to Know About IGTV

It is hard to deny that Instagram is on a roll. They just hit 1 billion monthly users. The announcement of IGTV shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. Facebook said a few years ago that all their properties were making the move to be video first it looks like IGTV is the next step in that plan.

IGTV is a great opportunity for your brand

New video offerings from top social media sites are always a good opportunity for brands to stand out and build an audience. Since Instagram has the backing of Facebook, it has a better chance of becoming a big thing. Even with Facebook’s deep pockets, IGTV needs to attract an audience in order to become financially sustainable for creators.

As a brand, you need eyeballs. A platform like IGTV needs both creators and brands to survive. Creators to make content and brands to buy ads.